Hey there, my name is Ronja Böhringer and I’m a Tech Art freelancer. So if you need any effects, especially if they need shaders/graphics programming, please hire me.

You can best contact me via email at [email protected] or via twitter at @totallyRonja.

Examples of projects I’ve worked on:

Good Company:

I worked on Good Company for 10 months while doing my internship as a generalist programmer at Chasing Carrots.


Elemates was a student project with over 70 people making a game in about 4 months. I was one of the two leaders of the programming team leading the team as well as doing most of the graphics programming.

Tutorials on http://ronja-tutorials.com

A collection of tutorials for beginners who want to learn how to write shaders. This website is entirely maintained by myself and has a growing collection of different shader tutorials at the moment.

Reel of the tutorials as a animated GIF.